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*¤° Virtual Inspire нαρρү 3r∂ Aηηιvεяsαяү °¤*
[Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif][Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif][Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif]
.•°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤° нαρρү 3r∂ Aηηιvεяsαяү °¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤°•.
[Image: 2672289vaw58km8c6.gif]
[Image: beautiful-shining-stars.gif]
[Image: 25umkub.gif][Image: 25umkub.gif][Image: 25umkub.gif][Image: 25umkub.gif][Image: 25umkub.gif]
***Virtual Inspire Team and Members*** May "Allah" And "Prophet Muhammad" Blessings On All of You Always (Aameen)! ***
[Image: 52.gif]

[Image: Anniversary-Glitters-9.gif]
[Image: 1572441jozqwlacmn.gif]

One More Year to Create
Unforgettable Memories Together.

One More Year to Discover
New Things to Share.
One More Year to Construct
A Life Rich with Love and Smile.
One More Year to Strengthen
A bond that Defines
"Everlasting". Insha'Allah!

[Image: 590935ankbyj1xx4.gif][Image: 590935ankbyj1xx4.gif][Image: 590935ankbyj1xx4.gif][Image: 590935ankbyj1xx4.gif][Image: 590935ankbyj1xx4.gif]
[Image: voljbb.gif][Image: voljbb.gif][Image: voljbb.gif]
[Image: 25gc6xj.gif]
[size=5]Virtual Inspire 3rd Anniversary!

***Congratulations (Mubarak Ho) To All "Virtual Inspires" Management Team and Members on *** 3rd Anniversary ***

[Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif][Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif][Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif][Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif]

I Like Your Words Just Three

I Like Your Words Just Three,
Which Mean so Much on Our ANNIVERSARY.
So This is What i Want to Say,
Live in Our Heart and There Forever Stay!

Best Wishes to "Virtual Inspire Team" on 3rd Anniversary

Our Best Wishes with "Virtual Inspire" on Its Anniversary,
May the Love that You (Management) Share Last Your Lifetime Through,
As You Make a Wonderful Word.

Happy 3rd Anniversary

To Beautiful Inspirational Family in The World

To Beautiful Inspirational Family in The World,
May Your Anniversary be Happy and Grand.

Happy 3rd Anniversary

[Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif][Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif][Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif][Image: 476965hlom0j77wb.gif]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSM-d6Y9J1f9QVa8Gngv3f...bBlFzxpd3N]


To All Team Members and Users

The "Owners" of "Virtual Inspire" Started A Great Cause!

Ahmad (Admin)

[Image: 24mdm53.jpg]

WEBMASTER (Usman Bhai)

[Image: b6sd5g.png]

Zain Ali Zaini (Owner)

[Image: 314yo2h.png]

Now Our "Super Administrators" They Performed Amazing Work and Services for the Development of "Virtual Inspire Web Site" and also for the "Virtual University Students"!

★Angel★ (Syeda Tirmizi....!)

[Image: avatar_18.jpg?dateline=1380804648]

(10-04-2013, 08:01 AM)★Angel★ Wrote:  
Inasan Allah ki mukhluqat mai se wo wahid makhluq hai jese aqal jaisi nemat se nawaza gaya hai. Jo isi aqal ko istamal ker k sochne par aye to khud Allah k wajod k liye sabot ki talash shoro kar deti hai. Phir is silsile ko yahi mehdod nahi rakhti bulke use Pegambron ki zaat tuk draz kar deti hai. Is k bad Quran k waziya ahqamat k bawajod zameen par mazid pegambron ki talash shoro kar deti hai or is talash mai yeh baat faramosh nahi kar daini chahye k insan Pegambar banta nahi bnaya jata hai. Hum insani evolution ki in akhiri dahayion mai khare hain jahan mazid Nabion ki amad ka silsila khatam kar diya gaya hai. Ab kisi naye aqeede ki zarorat nahi sirf taqleed ki yani practice ki zarorat hai. Us aik akhiri Nabi(PBUH) ki Kitab(Quran) par. Ab har wo shakhs khasare mai hai jo deen ki rasi ko mazboti se thamne ki bjay tafarqe mai pare.

[size=3] دائمی محبت صرف ایک ہوتی ہے-ایسی محبت جسے کبھی زوال نہیں آتا اور وہ محبت الله کی محبت ہے- دوسری ہر محبت کی ایک مدت ہوتی ہے-پہلے اس کی شدت میں کمی آتی ہے-پھر وہ ختم ہو جاتی ہے
(10-04-2013, 08:01 AM)★Angel★ Wrote:  [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=110225&s...1162381374]
دائمی محبت صرف ایک ہوتی ہے-ایسی محبت جسے کبھی زوال نہیں آتا اور وہ محبت الله کی محبت ہے- دوسری ہر محبت کی ایک مدت ہوتی ہے-پہلے اس کی شدت میں کمی آتی ہے-پھر وہ ختم ہو جاتی ہے

Z!NDAG! (Administrator)

[Image: o07aqa.png]

Nayab Chauhdary (♥•´¯`·.•રαяє Stậя•.·´¯`•♥)

[Image: 5nt18h.gif]

Now, Our "Sub Administrators" They Also Performed Good Supporting Work and in Making "Virtual Inspire" a Place to Share Good Things!

The Lost Soul (WAJID MALIK)

[Image: ezlkjp.png]

BosomFriend (Admin)

[Image: n1tpgz.gif]

And Now Our "Super Moderators" They Are very Good

░☆ Aαdi ☆░ (Ĵust!C૯ £σV૯ર)

[Image: 2ujo0h2.jpg]

IMRAN ATTARI (Former Moderator) Sweet Smile

[Image: erzqxu.png]

And We Also have Our "Super Mod Girls" and Their Kind Services

Gurriya.Misho (Super Mod Girls)

[Image: 123kupy.gif]

Good_Girl ((♥•´¯`·.•રαяє Stậя•.·´¯`•♥))

[Image: 1zqy4ub.gif]

Ayet.Ahreez (Moderator)

[Image: 16b12s7.jpg]

And We Also have Our "Wehla Group" But Indeed "Kaam Wala Ya Kaam Ka Group"

Gohar Shah (Syed Shah Sahub)

[Image: a27y4o.jpg]

Innocent Sonu (Sohny Bhai)

[Image: 15g47px.gif]

Wєђℓi Spαяяow (Tulip Girl)

[Image: 35jdxcp.gif]

Deena Sweet (Wehla Group)

[Image: j9sw1k.gif]

FareeZ (Member)

[Image: 2u6gpkp.png]

And We Also Have Our "Support" They Both are Quite Cooperative in Study Related Matters

Anousha (Support)

[Image: 5ocbk9.gif]

Nena Muskan (Support)

[Image: 1zcen9f.jpg]

(09-19-2013, 11:13 AM)Nena Muskan Wrote:  
Life Is Like A 3 Pages Of Book
>> First Page .. "BIRTH"
>> Last Page .. "DEATH"
>> Centre Page .. "EMPTY"
>> So Fill It With SMILE , LOVE , FAITH & ENJOY Life as it comes (^_^)

I also want to share some quotes with yu abt life, that are:
> Life is a Game.
> Allah Likes the Winner and Loves the Looser,
> But HATES the Viewer.
> So, be the Player...!!
> Allah will always be with you..!!
> 1 more Plzzz...!!
> Life is the Chemistry.
> Dilute your Sorrows,
> Evaporate your Worries,
> Filter your Happiness, &
> You will find the Crystals of Love.
> May all of you get Best in the LIFE!!

Begin your day by smiling and be enthusiastic about life
>> What you send out ---comes back
>> What you sow --------you Reap
>> What you give----you get
>> what you see in others ---exists in you

Allah Bless us.
Naina Muskan

(09-19-2013, 11:13 AM)Nena Muskan Wrote:  
Socha Na Tha Kay Youn Sarey Raah Bechro Gaey Ak Roz,,,

For My Dear Brother "Sajjwal"; Jo Humay 25 Decmber Ko Choor Kay Iss Dunia-e-Fani Se Chala Gaiey...!

Socha Na Tha Kay Youn Sarey Raah Bechro Gaey Ak Roz

Abi Tu Bht Se Manzlain Thein Baki kay

Jin Pay Sath Rehna Tha Apno Kay,,,,,

Tum Chal Diay Kis Gum-Naam Manzlon Ki Janib

Jin Ka Na Pata Mill Saka Naa Tumharey Kadmoon Kay Neshaan

Buhat Si Unkahi Baatain,,,,

Adhorey Sapnon Ko Choor Kay

Kahan Chal Diay Tum???

Kahan Chal Diay Tum Youn Sarey Raah Tanha Choor Kay

Socha Na Tha Kay Yun Sarey Raah Bechro Gaey Ak Roz

Ankhon mei Ak Nami Si Hai Tery Bin

Zindagi Main ik Kami Si Hay Tery Bin

Youn Na Jaatay Choor Kay Bay Neshan Manzilon Ki Janib

Youn Na Jaty Choor Kay ,,,,,

Socha Na Tha Youn Bechro Gae Ak Roz

Socha Na Tha,,,,,,

by ::: Naina Muskan

Allah Bless us.

And We Also Than to Our "Inspire Stars" the Future Stars of Management

[Image: ng4sc5.png]


Meesha M.A

M.Usman Butt


Aρρяєciαtє∂ Yσυtђ

And At Last but not Least; How Can We Forget Our "Friends (Mohsineen) Members" ; Who have Contributed, Helped and Supported to "Virtual Inspire Web Site" and Give Their Precious Time of their Life to "Virtual Inspire"! May "Allah" and "Thy" Prophet "Muhammad" Peace be upon "Him" Accept Their Efforts and Accept their Good Work with Good intentions and Forgive my and Their All Sins Mistakes being living in this world! (Aameen)! It might be possilbe, "I have Forgotten Some of You or Coudn't Mention Your Name or Not to take or Mention every one's name but I will try to mention most of the Team Members. Please Tell me if some one want to "His" or "Her" name is being forgotten as a "Virtualinspire Memory"; We will Appreciate you. So, Than Please Send me or E-Mail or "PM" me! I will not mind it to mention! "Insha'Allah"! May "Allah" Bless You All!

[Image: 2a8s1uc.png]

●๋•Usмαη kHαη●๋• (Administrator)

~Ghulam e Oliya~ Offline

RAI GM (Support)

★°´¯ ◊scαttєrєd smílє◊´¯°★

Zeeshan Sh

[email protected] _!ñ$ƥϊᴙᶔ $ŧ∆Ʀ

$*ch~irfan*$ (Moderator)

•٠●CђaяM PяЇηcE●٠• (Super Moderator)

Rare star




unique star



Mahi Alyan (☆¯☆ Mαpro ☆¯☆)

Mehak Siddiqui (Administrator)

(¯`•★.°ρяιи¢єѕѕ мιѕнι°.★•´¯)

ღ♥!~Inspire~Sparrow~!♥ღ (Good Islamic Sharer)

•¯°·._.• ℓσvεℓү sιs •._.·°¯•

★·.·°¯`◊ мϊźαß ◊´¯°·.·★

♥ Cute Girl ♥

H2o (Senior Member)




╰ღ╮♥ ÄßɛɛяÄ ♥╭ღ╯

MASOOM.FAIRY (!!!мαѕσσм ƒ@!яу!!!)

Shanzay Khan (Inspire Stars)

Annie Jutt

Maha Rajpoot

We Love You "Inspire Team" and "Student Members"

May You Live Long With Blessings (Aameen)!

[Image: 2ez4pll.gif]
Tamannaon se bhari ho Zindagi
Khwahishon se bhara ho har pal
Daman bhi tum ko chota lagne lage
Itni khushiyan de ap ko ane wala kal

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQPUT04HbNbtw2KRgxBNc5...ZZUOqW0M_O]

[Image: 06.gif]

[Image: 2672289vaw58km8c6.gif]

[Image: fotoslajdovi7.gif?nocache=0.5775061333552003]
[Image: 409040_animated-graphics-glitter-islam-islamic_200s.gif]
ہمارے سید و مولا محمد ہیں محمد ہیں
کہ عزت ہے ہمارے واسطے اُن کی اطاعت سے

نسب اُن کا حسب اُن کا بہت ارفع ، بہت اعلی
شرف پایا ہے سارے عالموں نے اُن کی خدمت سے
[Image: 634002gwzyzi9wqw.gif]
[Image: 34dotgw.png]
[Image: 2h3ug6t.gif]
[Image: 2ym8zsz.jpg]


Happy 3rd anniversary to vritualinspire ,,,, keep up the good work

Long live to virtualinspire and thunder of applause for Team and management of the forum

Stay blessed to all members
[Image: fofyu1.jpg]

Aur Inspire Ki 1st Anniversary ki Yadain Share kartahon ..
Jahan Inspire kay liye Shairy Karni the or Mai nay Or White pearl nay Hisa lia tha

Phoolon se Taron se aik Mehfil Sajai ha ..
Sb khushiyan Manao Inspire ki Bday ayi ha
Yahan Rehtay hian Mohbt se bharay Dil sb ..
Hum nay mil kr yeh inspire Family banai ha ,,
Kartay hian yahan Sb Mohbaton nachawar
Is liye Inspire ki Chahat humaray dil pay Chai ha ...
Yahan Rehti ha Har Waqt Chehal pehal bohat
is ki ROnaq main Sb ki Khushi smai ha
Har WAqt madad kay Liye tyar Rehtay hian yeh
Dosro ki Khushi main hi in ki Sb kamai ha
Meri Lafz toh Teri Tareefon kay nahi kabil Inspire
Faqt yeh teray Wajood ki Nagma Serai ha
Aik Anjaana Se thikana ha Yeh Inspire
Is se Bicharnay ka Socha toh ankh Bar ayi ha

Inspire main
Ahmad Bhai ki Mehnat shamil ha ..
Bohat achay hain Mohbt humse inki Kamil ha ..
Zaini Bhai kay Honay se milta ha HOsla Bohat
Bohat ssweet ha humara bhai Mohbt kay Kabil ha

Webmaster Bhai Bohat Khayal kartay hian
Jb ho jay Shout karab toh foran Elaj kartay hian
Rat ko 12 Bajay ik naya Rang hota ha..
So Jatay hian Sb or Wehlay Raj kartay hian

Mani, Hussain or Imran Bhai Ap be had Achi Sharing kartay ..
Hum ap Sb ki dil-o-Jaan se qadar kartay hian
kuch Log Inspire ko Ashiyana khayal kartay hian ..
Wo log jag kr gintay hian teray or Hisab kartay hian joke*
Gohar Shah G Sb ko Bohat Khush rakhtay hian ..
Jb b koi ay bohat achay se welcome kartay hian ...
Rabee Bohat hi Achay se bt karti hain sb se.
Hum inhain Wehla Group maiN Khush amdeed Kartay hian

Ab Thori White Pearl ki nagma Sarai kartay hian ..
Aj Kal yeh or Shah Shb bohat larai kartay hian .. mmm*
Pari Pekar ki kami bohat Rehti ha hum ko
Udas hojatay jb Hum usay be had yad kartay hian

Lovely sis se hum Bohat Pyar kartay hian ..
Jb b ayain toh hum izhar kartay hian ..
Usman Bhai Aik office main kam kartay hian ..
Jb Milay time toh :yahoo :yahoo kartay hian ...
Yahan aik Pyari Princesss Mehak B rehti ha ..
Jis ki har bt ka Hum bohat Khayal kartay hian .
Rare toh Ab inspire ki Jan Bn chuka ha
Jb Yeh na ay toh Sb Intzar kartay hian ..
Sadaf Khan Ab bohat hi kam ati hian .
Hum unhain Aj b dil se yad kartay hian ...
Unique Bhai ka Zikar b Ashad Zruri ha yahan..
Hanstay hian or dance be-misal kartay hian Q_dancing_1
Alims Shb b aik waaday admin ka Darja rakhtay hian
Jb mil jay inko time toh sb ko pakaya kartay hian joke*
Mishi or Inspire fairy Jab b ajayain Meedan main
Toh hum apnay Bolnay ka intzar kartay hian joke*
Abeera but G ka Zikar Shareef b zruri ha
Inka Muhawra "Kotha kho main sut dita" ko bhat yad kartay hian :haha
Somi or Hunter b hain Waday pathan ..
har waqt Pashto main bt kartay hian joke*
Prince G Aksar Charm kartay hian
Mil jay time toh Mehfil warm kartay hian
Dua Zahra Bohat hi Pyari Behna ha humari ..
Hum Inhain Duao main bohat yad kartay hian ..
Shanzay Sis b bohat Achi Member hian Humari ..
magr hum unhain Future Pakao Khayal kartay hian joke*

Oops Aik Sweet member ka Tazkra kartay hian ..
Jb b atay hian yeh bohat pyar se bt kartay hian ....
Wassi b hian yahan Neelay Uniform main ..
JO rat ko aksar sb se bt kartay hian
Pari 22 Humari New Entry hian inspire pay ..
Sb in se bohat acha maazak kartay hian ..
Ammara Khan Bohat hi achi Member hian Humari..
Hum unki zahanat ki Dil se qadar kartay hian
Inspire Angel Phoolo c Pyari Larki ha ..
Inkay Muskranay ki hamesha Dua kartay hian
Yahan Hum Sb Family ki rehtay hian
koi Pareshan ho toh Dua Centre main yad kartayhian ...
Zeeshan Bhai Waisey Toh Chup rehtay hia,
Jb karain jokes toh Dhamaka kartay hian ..
Mao Bhai toh Pata nahi kahan gum rehtay hian
Hum in ka kabi kabi Dedar kartay hain
Inspire bana kr Students pay ki bht anayat tmnay ..
Hum tmharay hain Shukar guzar, iqrar kartay hian
Mohbtain Dnay main Hum bohat israr kartay hian ..
Inspire hum tuj se Be shumar pyar kartay hain ..

This was Written by White Pearl Hey*

Inspire ka hua hai Aj k din Zahoor
:D .... :D
Muskurahtein hein hr soo,Udasi hui hai door joke*

Haseen phoolon say saja hua hai ye Gulistaan...!!!
shm* ... shm*
Deta hai maaloomat , phailaata hai ye shaoor ...!!! eee*

Kho jata hai iski ronak mein jo ata hai yahan ...!!!
:yahoo .... :yahoo
Kuch is liye b inspire ko hai baki sites per aboor..! :emo

Terey ilm-o-mohabbat ki nhi hai inteha koi ...!!!
:) .... :)
Ataa hon tujhe tarakiaan, charchay hon door door...!

Chemical poem for Inspire joke*

Ye site Admins nay banayee hai kuch iss tara
Jabar bin Hayan nay bnaya Sulphuric acid jis tara

joke* ,,,, joke*

Kerta hai na-umeedi ko door Inspire kuch aisy
Ho chemical reactions mein "Reducing agent" jis tara

joke* .... joke*

Kuch iss tara juray hein inspire k sab members yahan
Water molecules mein ho Hydrogen Bonding jis tara ...!!!

joke* .... joke*

Kuch members yahan k sabko pakaty hein bs aisay ...!!
laboratory mein hoti hai Nitrogen gas ki tyari jis tara ...!!!

joke* .... joke*

Mehenti hai Inspire ki poori team iss qadar...!!!
Hoti hai water mein salts ki crystallization jis tara ...!!!

joke* .... joke*

Khuda Hamari site ko kamiyaabiaan day dhair saariaan...!!!
Hota hai Atom bomb ki tyari mein continuous Fission reaction jis tara...!!!

:) .... :)
[Image: 1z174mb.gif]
Work Sakht in Silence Let your Work be your Violence  

:sa Sohny Bhai! :rose Nice Sharing of Memories (Yaadain)! May "Allah" Bless Them All and Forgive All of Us too for the Sake of "Prophet Muhammad" Peace be upon "Him"(Aameen)! :) hey* :rose
[Image: fotoslajdovi7.gif?nocache=0.5775061333552003]
[Image: 409040_animated-graphics-glitter-islam-islamic_200s.gif]
ہمارے سید و مولا محمد ہیں محمد ہیں
کہ عزت ہے ہمارے واسطے اُن کی اطاعت سے

نسب اُن کا حسب اُن کا بہت ارفع ، بہت اعلی
شرف پایا ہے سارے عالموں نے اُن کی خدمت سے
[Image: 634002gwzyzi9wqw.gif]
[Image: 34dotgw.png]
[Image: 2h3ug6t.gif]
[Image: 2ym8zsz.jpg]

JazaAkALLAH bOHaT khObsOrat threaD haY bHai..... Allah Bless U :)

we Are heRe fOr...............

[Image: celebrating3years.jpg]

[Image: 6a00e552178e498833017d3c1f3ad0970c-400wi]

[Image: Happy-3rd-Anniversary.jpg]

[Image: keep-calm-and-happy-3rd-anniversary-9.png]

tO aLL

Owners .......

Super Administrators .......

Sub Administrators .......

Super Moderators

Super Mod GirlS


Inspire Stars

Wehla Group


And alsO oUr OLD STAFF MemBerS

[Image: happy_3rd_anniversary.jpg]

A sharinG frOm NENA MUSKAN

mohabbat cheez he ase h
apno sa ho, sappno ho
kabhi anjaan rahoo sa kabhi jo ho jy gumnaam namo sa
bay shak ya dard bh unmool detti hy
dukhon mein m rool deti hy
bhla koi bach bh pia h mohbbat ki zenjerro sa
Kudda bh jo na bach skka
mohabbat tu cheez hi aisi h
Na ho Jo mohabbat tu zndgi veeran hti hy
Chay mohabbat ho pholoo sa ya bechhpan k jhoolo sa
Mohabbat tu phr mohbbat h
Mohabbat he tu hti hy haseen pelkoo p bht haseen sa khwab sajati h
Nei umangan nei subha bh latti h
Jin sa mohabbat ho wahe tu sth rhty h
Kabhi hamdam,,,,,
Kabhi ashana ,,,,
Kabhi haseen se yaad baan kr
phr bh sth rethy hy mohabbat ki ak hassen sa khwab ban kr
Mohabbat tu cheez he aisi hy h,,,
The best Iqtabases i Have fRoM UMAIRA AHMAD'S novel PEER-E-KAMIL (P.B.U.H) sO m goinG tO shaRe heRe..... GhOr sY prHna ik lessOn haY inn main :)


[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=110225&s...1162381374]

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