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(`*•.¸(`*•.¸ ˙•٠•●♥ Happy 1st Anniversary Of Inspire♥●•٠•˙ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´ )
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16204&d=1255495686][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16204&d=1255495686][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16204&d=1255495686]

[Image: 2929o91.jpg]

Whole Inspire Family

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16206&d=1255495686][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16206&d=1255495686]

As U Know K 4th Oct 2010 ko Inspire
iss net ki Duniya per Qaim Hua
Or Apny Daman Main tamam ter
Muskrahatin, Musartain, or aik dosry ka dukh gham
bant,ta hua or sab students ki help krta hua Aaj
Pory Aik Saal ka ho chuka ha

[Image: 71.gif]

[Image: 729348jabyobjl8m.gif]

Or Aaj hum Sab Aik Sath Mil ker Inspire ki
1st Anniversary khob Jazby se manain gay
kyu k Inspire Aik Forum hi Nhi Humara Home
bhi ha jaha sab aik Family ki tarah rehty hain
aik dosry ko hansaty hain khushian bant,ty hain
or sab ki help krty hain

Hum Sab k Liye Net World per Aik "HOME"
Creat krny Per Hum sab
Zain Ali Zaini

Web Master
& Ahmad
k shukar guzar hain jinki ki
Mehnatt or kawish se Inspire aik
"HOME" baniya hum sab k liye

[Image: 729348jabyobjl8m.gif]

[Image: 65335e2vqlhsn9v.gif]

Another year to create
precious memories together.
Another year to discover
new things to enjoy.
Another year to build
a life rich in love and laughter.
Another year to strengthen
a bond that defines "forever."

Happy Anniversary!

[Image: 2hzvno.jpg]

Humary Owners ne Humary Team Members ne
is site ko top tak punchiya or hum apny maksad main kamyab ho gay
1 year se inspire All Vu students ki help ker raha ha
we all provides such a great helpful retrial for vu students
ye sab tribute humary owners or inspire tea members ko jata ha
U R All Have Done A Great Work

[Image: YouRockGuitar2.gif]

Aap Sab ko Meri Taraf se Bohat Mubarkbad

[Image: 329.gif]

We currently have 12,535 members
Our members have made a total of 41,136 posts in 10,872 threads.
Such A Great Achievement
We Provide 6 ,000 Great Helpful Study

Inspire ka hua hai Aj k din Zahoor
Muskurahtein hein hr soo,Udasi hui hai door

Haseen phoolon say saja hua hai ye Gulistaan...!!!
Deta hai maaloomat , phailaata hai ye shaoor ...!!!

Kho jata hai iski ronak mein jo ata hai yahan ...!!!
Kuch is liye b inspire ko hai baki sites per aboor..!

Terey ilm-o-mohabbat ki nhi hai inteha koi ...!!!
Ataa hon tujhe tarakiaan, charchay hon door door...!

[Image: normal_1262066888.JPG]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=84174&d=1293120302][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=84174&d=1293120302]

Inspire ki 1st Anniversary k mouqa per hum sab
Team Members ko Tribute dena chahty hain jinho ne
humary sath mil ker great Work Kiya or krty rahy

Sab se pehly Humary respectable Owners
jo k is great achievement unki waja se ha

This is 4 Our Respectable Owner

Zain Ali Zaini

[Image: zvz9n7_th.jpg]

This 4 Our Respectable Owner Web Master

[Image: nmylw9_th.jpg]

This 4 Our Respectable Owner Ahmad

[Image: 14xlaau_th.jpg]

& Now Our Admins They Have dOne Great Work

•¯°·._.• ℓσvεℓү sιs •._.·°¯•

[Image: 102w289_th.jpg]

Cute Mahi

[Image: izd_th.jpg]

Cute Girl

[Image: 2nv4374_th.jpg]

Inspire Sparrow

[Image: 8xt0er_th.jpg]

Sdaf Khan

[Image: 15q6fzl_th.jpg]


[Image: wrghnk_th.jpg]

Usman Khan

[Image: 24et05h_th.jpg]


[Image: o0pe74_th.jpg]

Ferozen Fire

[Image: 1234gw3_th.jpg]

[Image: 65335e2vqlhsn9v.gif]

[Image: x_3c254526.gif]
meri trf se bhi :)
[Image: Happy-1st-Anniversary.gif]
[Image: fun-to-be-one.jpg?w=319&h=450]
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTAMAvIPOVEglz1k72FBYi...8Ye_neNQ54]
and this heart for inspire [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTN8SnesNOFkYTugCFs7FO...aBotqjYXtI]
[Image: x_3c5445e6.gif]
[Image: abee+sig.gif]
Many Many Congratz to Virtual Inspire on its
1st Anniversary

[Image: 1stanniversary2.gif]

Inspire has spread
to every one
we all Congratulate
the Hard Working Team behind it
from the bottom of our Heart ...

[Image: 2568944ltz95y3r8d.gif]

Though I'm new here but I felt as happiest as every senior member is on this special event

[Image: Anniversary-Glitters-9.gif]

I am excited to be a part of this celebration

[Image: lets-celebrate.gif]

[Image: enjoy-your-anniversary.gif]

I wish all the best of lucks to Inspire and its team on coming years
Have Success and Prosperity and keep spreading love to every one

[Image: 1565989ejvzw93yrb.gif]

[Image: bestofluck1.gif]

Thanks to all the people who have done a real hard work to bring it to this successful day

[Image: 11.gif]

[Image: thanks%20so%20much%20001.gif]

[Image: 54.gif]

ONce AGain ...

[Image: beautiful-shining-stars.gif]


[Image: anniversary-desi-glitters-19.gif]

~~~~ Phirty hain Sath Sath Tamam Raat Magar ~~~~
~~~~ Usko Chand, Mujhy Awara Kehti Hay Duniya!! ~~~~

[Image: qy9stx.jpg]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16207&d=1255495686][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16207&d=1255495686][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=16207&d=1255495686]

We Can Not Forget Our Previous Admins
They have Did Great Work & Contribute With Us.
This is 4 Our Previous Admin
Shine Angel

[Image: k0lvsw_th.jpg]

This 4 Kashif Imran

[Image: vzvnra_th.jpg]
& we also tribute Our Super Moderators
& Super Mod Girls

Zeeshan Sh

[Image: 2wddgfb_th.jpg]

Rare Star

[Image: a2cfbs_th.jpg]

Dua Zahra

[Image: 9j3b4n_th.jpg]


[Image: 238kmt_th.jpg]

Our Moderators


[Image: t5lukj_th.jpg]


[Image: dbprit_th.jpg]

Charm Prince

[Image: 6tgv40_th.jpg]

Our Contributer

Inspire Angel

[Image: 2vsq1dh_th.jpg]

Wassi inspire Star

[Image: ippdew_th.jpg]

Unique Star

[Image: 2hok851_th.jpg]

[Image: x_3c254526.gif]
Many Many Congratz to Virtual Inspire on its
1st Anniversary

inspire is best :) is ny humy boht kuch diya ha :) achy dost acha study material and boht kuch :) meri dua ha ye any waly waqt mi or zadiya or zaidya kamyab ho :)

[Image: 5eij9i.gif]

It hides deep inside of us
It pretends to sleep
It waits its hour
And all of a sudden, when we don't expect it anymore
It wakes up
It opens its jaws
And it won't let go of us.
Passion drags us, pushes us
And ends by imposing its law on us
And we obey.
What else can we do?

[Image: v5y5h2.gif]

[Image: 2weklma.gif]

Our Inspire Star

Justic Lover

[Image: 2q2ntxx_th.jpg]

Super Star

[Image: 1zg49c8_th.jpg]

& we Have also not Forget our previous Team Member
They Also have Did Great Work

Love Is Blind

[Image: wgu44k_th.jpg]

Rising Moon

[Image: 333gw82_th.jpg]
mc im

[Image: 24l4q2q_th.jpg]

& Also Tribute Our Top Posters Of Inspire

Top Male Posters Of Inspire

[Image: xlaz34_th.jpg]

Top Female Posters Of Inspire

[Image: rm1ezc_th.jpg]

& Our Hot Threads Poster Of Inspire

[Image: 2mer0k2_th.jpg]

Innocentsonu Hot Threads Poster Of Inspire
They have Such a great & nice Hot Threads

~~~Interview Corner (Wehla Group)~~~

~~~ Wehla Group Language Course~~~

~~~Faqt Usk Nam Jo meray Lafzon main Jazbon ki Tarah Shamil ha ~~~~


~~~Dua Centre~~~

~~~~Humari Mazahiya Shaairy~~~

~~~Apki Shairy~~~~

~~~Wehla Group~~~

This Medal 4 Innocentsonu

[Image: 3yi43_th.jpg]

This is 4 Our Respected Owners

[Image: 25kpjiw_th.jpg]

This is 4 Our Admins (In Which Include Owners)

[Image: b4grpc_th.jpg]

This is 4 Our Team Members

[Image: 2utm3p3_th.jpg]

This 4 Top 1st Posters

[Image: rldcea_th.jpg]

This 4 2nd

[Image: 5btq44_th.jpg]

This 4 Third

[Image: 2eaqiya_th.jpg]

[Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif][Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif]

Our Wehla Group Of Inspire


[Image: 11raq8y_th.jpg]

Gohar Shah

[Image: 2wemi4p_th.jpg]


[Image: 10nwas3_th.jpg]

Pari Peker

[Image: 2epq3c6_th.jpg]

[Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif][Image: 690739pesbqr6dqw.gif]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=84174&d=1293120302][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=84174&d=1293120302]

[Image: 11822r8.jpg][Image: 11822r8.jpg][Image: 11822r8.jpg]

[Image: e89db91b1cdf1275904b75848e117e74.jpg]

[Image: 06.gif]

[Image: x_3c254526.gif]
Walaikum Assalam! Mobi

Boht Bohat MUbarik hoooooooo :yahoo INSPIRE OWNERS>> INSPRE KI TEAM OR MEMBERS ko.....

[Image: 001.gif]

EVERY ONE HERE ... DONE A GREAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT JOB... ALLAH PAK Inspire ko ISsi trhan KAmyabiyan Ata karay (ameen)
[Image: 037.gif]

YAhan se bohat kuch Seekha.. Bohat help b mili study mein.. Bohat saray achay logon se milna hua....... Its MAke ME SMILE :) THAnku TO ALL OF U for This.. THANKU SO MUCH
[Image: 108.gif]

[Image: 107.gif]


Life is full of fake people,
Before you judge them...
Make sure you're not one of them. :)

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