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ENG-101 Assignment # 3 idea solution
Remember me in your prayers......

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pechly dino virtualinspire open q nahin ho rha tha.
due to some technical issues dear..but now inspire rock :)
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Sir yeh ENG 101 Assignment no 3 2012 ka solution naii hann.....

please upload solution Eng101 Assignment no 3
Assignments Question is

Q1. Correct the grammatical mistakes in the following sentences. (5 marks)
1. No less than fifty men were injured in the accident.
2. He is the taller of the two brothers.
3. He would make a better engineer than a doctor.
4. I do not like such movies, which are immoral.
5. Poultry has given him great profit.

Q2. Fill in blanks by using the appropriate connectives. (5 marks)

1. This is _____ a heavy chair that it is not easy to carry. (much, such)
2. I was ___ pleased about the letter that I ran to tell my mother. (so, very)
3. The news is ____wonderful to be believed. (too, to)
4. The main reason I left early was ________ I was bored. (if, because)
5. I was reaching down to pick up my cap just _____ I saw the two snakes. (when, then)

Q3. Identify the given statements as Complete Sentence or Sentence Fragment.
(5 marks)

1. Several small shops went out of business.
2. The nurse pierced my arm four times with a syringe.
3. As it was her first airplane ride.
4. Because there was a gas leak.
5. The small child was always active.
Sloution uploasd karo plz
g sach main yi solution ni ha

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