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Pariwinkle Shah Mother's Dua-E-Mughfrat
Ameeen sumAmeen
[Image: 15747758_1901536386742493_17898302721160...e=5922BD2A]
[Image: 2813b88d4e62b4f653a4c7529e756be4.jpg]

[Image: 613973398-MERI_MAAN5.jpg]
[Image: 8bb199ba5679714fd54811130d788329.jpg]
Allah unko jannat-ul-firdos may alaaw mukaam ata farmeye ameen.
Aqxa :rose..:(
Bohat afsos hua sun k Allah Pak Marhoomah ko Jannat men alla muqam dy ,,, Or bb jaan apko or ghr walon ko sabr dy,, Ameen Sumameen!!!
[Image: 53wkl2.jpg]
Allah Ta''ala marhooma ko Jannat ul firdous main aala muqaam ata farmay ,

marhooma k darajaaat ko buland kery , Marhooma k gunahon ko apni rehmat say dar guzar kery , Marhooma ki khataon ko apni ataon say badal dy , Marhoom k ghar ko sabr-e-jameel ata farmay or sabit qadam rehny k hosla atta farmay ,

Ameen sumamin.....
ameen sum ameen
[Image: 8bb199ba5679714fd54811130d788329.jpg]

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