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VU-Bytes Jan-Jun 2017
The January- June 2017 edition of VU-Bytes has been published and can be accessed at

In this edition, you would enjoy reading:

‘A Rare Incident Happened in President Ayub’s Regime’ in Inner Sanctum
‘Divine Love’ in Poetry
‘Innovative Mobile Marketing via Smartphone: Are Consumers Ready?’ in Marketing Horizon
‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)’ in VU Economist
‘Keep Yourself Fit with Yoga’ in Health
‘The Concept of Education in Islam’ in Religion
‘Cheese and Onion Pastries’ in Chef’s Corner
‘How to Protect Your Skin in Winters’ in Fashion

Thank you for your interest in the magazine. For the next edition of VU-Bytes (July-December, 2017), you can email your writings at

http:[email protected]
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